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When Tom Cat and the Prowlers do a show. We pull out all the stops. Lights, Laser lights, and always a good song selection for the event.

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Tom Cat is..........

Tom Cat started Guitar at the age of 6, his father who was a singer songwriter, gave him a Rossi Electric Guitar and A fender Champ Amp. Then promptly left town. The amp broke down a few years later and the guitar got put away.  

In the 4th grade the school offered music lessons, Violin was the first choice, that lasted about 2 hrs. the next year he followed in his brothers footsteps and tried his hand at trumpet.  Over the next 5 years and 2 schools he won a city wide competitions for his trumpet playing.  Tho my real love of singing and guitar would eventually win out. 

At the age of 16, I picked up the Rossi Guitar again, borrowed a  Marshall amp, and destroyed the neighborhood, things were never the same!

All of this was taking place in my home town of Oakland and By extension San Francisco, As the Intruders, I played many of  the clubs and showcases through out the 80s and nineties.

It was during that time I become interested in recording and engineering.

        I met a man Named Thomas Brown who pulled me into the world of Journey and a new band called Merlin. I went on tour with Merlin as a live sound engineer, {sponsored by the William Morris talent agency} the end of the tour landed me in Emeryville California at the Fantasy Recording Studios. I was the  apprentice assistant engineer to Dr. Richie Moore on Merlins 1st Album. The album never took off.

       Thomas Brown landed me an audition with the then broken up Journey or at least a couple of them. The band was called the Storm.  Ross Valley Bass, Steve Smith drums, Tim Gorman keys, and yours truly Guitar. It never took off and Journey reformed. It was at this time that I purchase a Schon Guitar prototype, with Neil Schons personal signature on the head stock, from Thomas Brown.  I still own the Guitar…

In 1996 I moved to Tucson AZ

Jammed with the Sam Taylor Band at Old Chicago Bar, Did open nights at Berkys  started Broken Glass Studios , performed with various musicians and bands throughout Tucson.

2019 Formed Tom Cat And The Prowlers  LLC

Performed at Rockabillys Grill, Hideout salon,  Chuy's,

Copper Brothel Brewery, Boondocks, Stadium Grill, High Five, with more on the way.

Stay tuned... 

Come see what a lifetime of quality music and dedication sounds like



Craig “CW”

Born in Iowa, raised in Tucson Arizona, CW studied percussion, starting in elementary school. He progressed rapidly securing first chair drummer in Jr. High School band. He went on to participate in the high school music program studying music theory and playing drums and percussion in the concert, marching, and jazz/pep bands. He also played percussion in the high school orchestra.

CW was granted a scholarship to the local community college at the age of 16 (while still in high school), where he helped develop the community college jazz ensemble and big bands in the performing arts department. CW also played in garage rock bands around Tucson in the 70’s, and played in the house jazz band at Gentle Bens in Tucson, across from the University of Arizona in the mid ‘70’s.

The bulk of CW’s music career was spent based out of Salt Lake City where he played in various popular rock and country bands. He has shared the stage with bands as opening act for Ratt, Nazareth, LA Guns, Sammy Kershasw, Brody Buster, Pablo Cruise. He has 100’s hours of experience in the recording studio where he was featured in many original compositions; he also worked as a studio musician at a local recording studio in Tucson.

CW spent 4 years on the road during the early ‘80’s with a top 40 rock/country band working in clubs and bars across the southern and western US.

CW’s strong sense of meter and attention to dynamics helps create a groove that is un-mistakenly the backbone of every band he is blessed to perform with. 

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ORIGINAL BLUES MUSIC  BY                                                                TOM CAT AND THE PROWLERS LLC                                                written by Thomas Boysen


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